Textile industry must have brand awareness

Textile industry must have brand awareness Brands are proprietary brands, and other companies or individuals must not copy or counterfeit. A brand is an intangible resource for a company. A good brand can bring a steady stream of benefits to the company.

In the textile industry, branding is also very important. In the process of creating a unique brand for the textile industry, the following points must be noted:

First, companies must clarify their own needs of users, clear their own user groups, for the user group's personalized characteristics, designed to meet the individual needs of the user's products.

Second, strengthen the company's own core competitiveness and determine the company's core business.

Third, to strengthen innovation, without innovation, the company's brand will have no value.

Long Chain Zipper

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long chain zipper is used in Packaging, Apparel, Crafts, Bags,Shoes, suitcase,Sofa,Decoration, and Many Other Uses.   It divide into nylon long chain zipper, polyester long chain zipper,metal long chain zipper and so on . Oeko-Tex Nylon Zipper

It is available in Over 250 Colors.

Minimum quantity of long chain zipper:1000meters /size/color

Very High quality, strong strength,,Eco-friendly

The slider can be with logo and without logo.

Production capacity of long chain zipper: 5000000 yard/Month

Available sizes: 3#,4#,5#,8#,10#

HS Code: 96071900

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Long Chain Zipper

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