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"Chinese women can afford affordable French elegance." The Codex women's wear mainly for elegant, stylish, tasteful and know how to enjoy the life of urban women, R & D Fashion Collection with French elegance into the attractive elements of the design to fully experience the love of French fashion, brand products rich style, with Strong, each with great quality details, simple but not simple, suitable for all kinds of popular party, work and social activities.

索典 - R&D

R & D all kinds of life this winter, popular color, led by the olive green color, brought a fresh sense of vitality, with crisp fabrics also bring a military-like heroic, fashion trends are extremely keen fashion fine, fast action!

索典R&D女装   充分体验对法式时尚的热爱

The ethnic style has always been booming in the changing world of fashion. We not only see the fashion masters' soft spot for exotic inspiration, but also the great charm of the national element itself. In winter, the ethnic style is still not Become popular, R & D Scratch this winter is the Nordic national wind, your fashionable ethnic clothing fully equipped it?

The Chenille Carpet has a long history in the carpet and textiles world. It is famous for the extremely soft and comfort when touching it. The material of Chenille with the effect of fullness, warmth, good decorative. It can be made from different material, like cotton, microfiber and shining polyester. The piles of it give people the special drape effect in visual.

There are different backing to be chosen for this kind of carpet, such as the cloth backing, anti-slip backing with white rubber, skidproof backing with black dot plastic. This make the carpets could be used in many different places, like the living room, bedroom room and bathroom, and so on. They could be also used for Bathmat and DoormatThe Chenille carpet is colorfast and any color is available. The size is also customized. The most popular sizes for this kind of carpet are 40X60CM, 50X80CM, 60X90CM, 70X140CM, 120X170CM, 140X200CM, 160X230CM, 200X300CM. Also we can make it in different shape.   

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Chenille Carpet

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