Unus urban casual style women's pursuit of comfortable, natural quality of life

Unique design style, loose natural, baggy clothing outline, fresh and elegant, warm and comfortable, harmonious natural color, pure natural cotton fabric texture, so that the wearer exudes an intellectual, open-minded woman-specific atmosphere. There is no eye-catching beautiful but pleasant fresh and pleasing.


Unus is a way of life, Unus wants to convey to the customer is a realm, a dress of their own style and unique aesthetic, it is not just a fashion, but also a respect for nature , Yearning for freedom of life attitude ... ...

优努斯都市休闲风格女装   追求舒适、自然的生活品质

Join advantage
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3, strong corporate strength, its own factories, production and marketing integration, to ensure timely supply;
4, diversified, multi-brand operation, rich product style, can get more end-user recognition;
5, has done a mature consumer market, consumer groups, sales are guaranteed;
6, no franchise fees and other additional costs, joining the conditions of unity, fairness and justice, honest business, the credibility of protection;
7, a clear brand positioning, competitive brand clear, high retail customer loyalty;
8, a stable retail price system, the amount of profits guaranteed;
9, efficient logistics system, the national network of commercial control systems, strong logistics support.

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