The 18th Lady Square Micro Film "Happy Next Stop" II will be online on January 23

"The Next Station of Happiness", this film debut by the 18th Lady Square production and the cutting-edge beauty writer Wu Yu, has been widely praised since it was launched on major video sites on November 11 and has only been available for only three days. The rate has exceeded 2 million. The beautiful love story has been deeply touched by people. The story that has not yet been continued affects thousands of netizens.

The 18th Lady Square Micro Film "Happy Next Stop" II will be online on January 23

A few days ago, according to the person in charge of promotion of the 18 Ladies and Gentlemen's Square, the sequel to “The Next Station of Happiness” (ie, “The Next Station of Happiness” II) will soon be released. It is reported that "The Next Station of Happiness" II will continue the story line of the love story, continue to focus on the life of the heroine Lily, and has added a new element: this business story tells the story of Lily will escape the softness of the small home jasper, change For the mature and competent workplace beauty, with elegant urban ladies style, to present to everyone a multi-faced lady life.
When the Spring Festival approached, the release of "The Next Station of Happiness" II was expected by people from all walks of life. How will Lily and Zhiping's love story develop? What tests do they have to go through? Lily will use what kind of wisdom to balance the workplace and love? What kind of ending will her love return? On January 23, the major video websites announced these suspense on time for you. Please continue to pay attention and support.
The 18th Lady Square wishes all the friends who care about and love this microfilm happy new year and happy life!
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