[New Year's New Clothes] ABC sent not only warmth, but also a love

Children in impoverished areas are eager to have “eat well and warm” childhood, but poor natural conditions can only give them a simple life. They are accustomed to plain meals, unable to withstand the cold, and lacking clothes for winter. Fortunately, this winter they have the warmest word - "New Year's New Clothes."

On December 12, 2012, the caring people of “New Year's New Clothes” came to elementary schools in many impoverished areas in Liangshan State, Sichuan Province, including 2,500 ABC children’s clothing, and gave them to local children. We sent warm new clothes. Along with the "New Year's New Clothes," the reporter embarked on this warm journey.

Look, the children consciously queue up the team, waiting for the "new year's new clothes" staff to release new clothes. The cold did not exacerbate the children's patience in waiting for their new clothes. They are still the group of children who are well-behaved and polite. “Auntie uncle came to send us new clothes. We need to be polite. The teacher often teaches us to be polite to our guests. Uncle and aunt will like us.” The reporter chatted with a child in line.

(Photo: Children are waiting in line to release new clothes)

True love is not given but given care from the heart. “New Year New Clothes” loved ones personally helped the children to put on new clothes, and after zipping, they asked “Why are the children warm?” The child shyly answered, “Thank you, aunt, very warm.”

(Photo: Loving people are helping their children to wear new clothes)

A child told reporters, "We are all used to eating under the sun, there is sunshine, you can warm some. Mom and Dad have no money to buy us new clothes, so our clothes are worn for a few years, but also older brothers and sisters worn Thank you, aunts and aunts, for sending us new clothes. Now, with new clothes, we feel a lot warmer.”

(Photo: Children wandering in the sun for lunch)

In this warmth tour of “New Year's New Clothes”, the children took more than just a new dress, but also the loving love of the caring people. In this cold winter, a new warm cotton coat is especially important to the children here. It is believed that the new coats and full love of the caring people can make the children warm for the winter.

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