On the 26th, the downstream market of cotton yarn suffered dismal gains

On the 26th, the downstream market of cotton yarn suffered dismal gains According to statistics, cotton plans to sell 96110 transactions 36,570, of which Xinjiang planned 23,000 transactions were 21,600 transactions in the Mainland, 14970, a total of 493,280. In the spot market, imported Brazilian cotton is 19,200 yuan; the weak property of the fourth-level small package does not carry Jiangxi 18,650 yuan, and 18900 nets in Hubei, Shandong Jinxiang 4 small packages 19,200 yuan, January cargo 18800-18900 yuan;

Cotton Yarn: The market was sluggish and the volume of cotton yarns was the lowest in recent years. The finished products in the warehouses of printing factories were flat and the downstream reactions were dull. The prices of other yarns and raw materials were maintained, and the benefits of cotton textile manufacturers fell sharply. A textile company in Hubei province, with tightly-spun cotton yarns, is still available, prices are stable, and the combed compact spinning 32 is reported at 32,000 yuan/ton, 40 is reported at 33,000 yuan/ton; Shandong has a better combed yarn for combed yarns, combing 24 Price of 29,700 yuan / ton, 32 price of 30,500 yuan / ton, with a high price of 21,610 yuan / ton, 32 price of 27,200 yuan / ton. Nantong Hongda Office's cotton yarn prices have fallen slightly. The current 40S card is priced from RMB 26,500/ton for falling swords to RMB 27,800/ton for jets and RMB 26,800/ton for 32S jets.

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