Shandong folk jade collection warms up

Shandong folk jade collection warms up There are many collectors of folk jade in Shandong, and there is a clear trend of 'heating up'. For the identification and collection, the people are eager to fend for it, but the public collections are generally of low value. Although the general collection of some old products, but the general level is not high, belonging to the general collection of the general public, very few boutique. Hou Yancheng, president of the Chinese Culture Research Association of the Ministry of Culture, said in an interview with a reporter from the China News Service on the 17th.

The "Scent of Scholars, Jade Rhymes, and Gentleman Wind - Chinese Ancient Jade Boutique Exhibition" sponsored by the China Jade Cultural Research Center of the Ministry of Culture was held at the Shandong Provincial Library from December 8th to 28th. In recent days, people from all over Shandong have embraced collections of jade treasures, queuing long queues for expert appraisals.

Hou Yancheng said that within a few days of his identification work here, only a few collections surprised him, such as the Ding Ding and other Jin Dali period is very collectible.

Hou Yancheng believes that the collection of jade is the most important mentality and the collection of "jade" should not be limited to its own value. It should also pay attention to the artistic value and cultural connotation behind the jade. In his view, "harmony" is the essence of jade culture, and "jade" is a symbol of beauty, harmony and love. "Invisible Elephant" and "Laozi Exits," and other fine jade articles, each piece of jade is promoting a culture, sustenance of an emotion, and expression of an idea.

Hou Yancheng believes that collectors must remember to purchase jade from the jade in the book. They should consult experts or collectors. They must go into museums, especially the jade artifacts unearthed in scientific archaeology. Really improve the horizon, reduce blindness, purposefully targeted low-risk jade collection.

The reporter saw from the appraisal site that many people have high enthusiasm for antique jade. The people are carrying their own collections and expect experts to give themselves an "identification." Wang Youcai, the Tai’an collector who came to participate in this ancient jade appraisal, said that he has collected a “Jade Bracelet” from the Han Dynasty. He is an ancestral communicator. He deliberately came to let the expert appraise, and the expert appraisal is real and very happy. The next step will consider buying some jade collections.

Li Xinsheng, deputy director of the China Jade Culture and Culture Research Center of the Ministry of Culture, stated that there are many antique markets throughout Shandong province, but the high-end jade market is very rare. Most of them are small-street vendors, and he pointed out that the Shandong jade market needs to be further regulated, to establish a legal and authoritative professional appraisal organization, and to explore a market and investment road for jade culture.

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