TINA GIA Tinajiier 2012 winter let you "domineering exposed"

Professional designer team TINA GIA graceful, personalized, leisurely brand connotation calmly interpretation, bringing consumers more confident dress, suitable for the trend of style. TINA GIA each season's clothing styles are a combination of many fashion elements, across the elegant and casual, subdivided down elegant, ladies and business casual, breaking the boundaries of a single style.


Big flip collar reflects the strong side of women's self-confidence, the classic double-breasted, oblique placket this year it is essential coat of the two major elements, arc pocket cover and fold the wide cuffs make the whole coat bright spot prominent

TINA GIA天纳吉儿2012冬装  让你“霸气外露”

Fur luxury has always been the soft-hearted women's love, wavy patterns in the long style broke the fur has always been the style, so that you "domineering exposed"

Ideal for Color Fun Runs, Color Wars, Youth Group Activities, Birthday Parties and more!

Bold and Vibrant Color
Made from Cornstarch and FDA and FD&C approved dyes
Safe and Easy to clean up

Always use outdoors in a well ventilated area

The bulk Holi Powder bag come in 25kg or as customer's requirement.

Holi Color Powder is used for all occasions,such as birthday parties,TV commercials,New Year's party,Spring Break,Fund Raisers,Photo Shoots,color run and of course for India Holi Festival.

Bulk Pack Holi Powder

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