Lann women's wool coat + fur collar to create the most IN winter wear

LONG ( Lane ) has been adhering to elegant, stylish and perfect quality of modern urban style, design restrained peaceful expression of their competitive nature, elegant atmosphere; spread all the way from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai ...... they are confident independent, intelligent wisdom Unique taste, LONG (Lann) women throughout the major cities in China, not short translation of the traditional and modern, to achieve harmony with the reality. Elegant and subtle, the combination of quality and fashion. Lane Women's Winter 2012, wool coat + fur collar, to create the most IN winter wear!

兰恩 - LONG

Dark brown is a favorite intellectual intellectual color, no boring black, nor red publicity, but it is elegant enough, MIX fur collar, more luxurious.

兰恩女装毛呢大衣+毛领  打造最IN冬日装

Wool coat is the most defeated winter products, khaki color is one of the most favorite color of women, low-key and elegant, simple and atmospheric, into the fur collar, so elegant distribution of the most vividly.

兰恩女装毛呢大衣+毛领  打造最IN冬日装

Seen sepia and khaki, and light brown coat of the same classic classic fashion, generous big fur collar designed to cover the wide arm, but also add modern elegance.

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