Laerwei Si 2012 Winter to create commuter popular king

Laierweisi women's products will be targeted at the low-priced mass consumer groups, the flagship product for the fashion series of women, the product consumer groups full coverage of mature lady, white-collar beauty, young girls and other ages. Laer Weisi pursuit of brand fidelity Affordable, not only the sale of expensive pairs, many years of successful operation of many discount stores The brand believes that: the brand discount store is selling the brand, do not sell counterfeit!


Mint green gives a fresh and natural feel, take a white shirt to highlight the quality of the flu.

莱尔维思2012冬装 打造通勤人气王

Double-breasted coat always give people a sense of toughness, take a casual feel T-shirt, can lead to a winning career dress up friends.

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