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What is Non-Slip Gloves?
Non-slip Gloves are named after the gloves have non-slip function, there are a variety of such gloves depending on the material used.

Non-slip gloves type:
â‘  wrinkles gloves (wrinkled latex gloves)
Dispense gloves (latex and cotton yarn gloves and cloth gloves)
â‘¢ point plastic gloves (plastic and latex, and cotton yarn gloves and cloth gloves)

According to a variety of gloves materials and production technology, mainly to adapt to the production of wrinkle gloves and plastic gloves, welding repair, road construction, mining, construction, coal fields, agriculture and forestry families, such as operating hand care. Disposable gloves On the purpose of the use of gloves, can be used as Baseball Gloves, billiards gloves, flag gloves.

How to choose non-slip gloves?
1, texture is the primary thinking direction, first according to their own homework environment, conditions to choose the right texture;
2, and then is to choose according to the function, if it is just non-slip, the general material to meet the demand, if you also need to hand protection, then the material may need to be more solid;
3, in the selection process must be worn to determine the size of its comfort;
4, in order to ensure the quality of non-slip gloves, please purchase through the formal channels.

Non-slip Gloves

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