Baidu plans to fall and winter clothing blue cold tone to the winter add luster

With the continuous transformation of the fashion industry, BETU has been keeping up with the pace of the times, blends the elements of today's fashion, with the innovative design concept always adhere to the performance of the most oriental urban women's charm. BETU committed to the performance of urban young women independent, optimistic and confident, focus on self-value, the pursuit of refined aesthetic. As a favorite women 's fashion ladies , BETU has always admired unlimited clothing style, to create trendy style for them at the same time, BETU is to bring them a wearing experience, a let them explore their own charm of wearing experience. Under the leadership of the BETU, they are able to cleverly combine fashion elements all the time, shaping their own unique style.

百图 - BETU

Blue jacket and red down trousers with the forward and backward, the cool colors and warm colors cleverly combined, with a different visual effects.

百图秋冬装来袭 宝蓝冷色调给冬季增光添彩

Camel coat in the stack to wear more prominent three-dimensional sense of collocation, with sapphire pearl colored stockings so that winter is no longer boring dull.

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