How to calculate the "count" of textiles

(1) Cotton, silk, and chemical fiber (staple fiber) all use the "count" to indicate the thickness of their fibers.

(2) The thickness of the yarn is expressed by the count method (constant weight method), the Denier method (permanent length type), and the Tex (common formula). See http://

The method of counting is one of them. The numerator method has two types: metric and imperial, and the English system has two types, cotton and wool. Their definitions are detailed in the attached drawings.

An easy-to-understand understanding is how many meters (1 meter) in length a yarn can pull, which is called a metric (metric), and English (Ne) is defined as a cotton yarn with a nominal weight of 1 pound. The number of length codes. The calculation of cotton yarn counts in English: A cotton yarn weighing a pound weight, there are a few 840 yards, called a few British. In addition, the fineness of cotton yarns and wool yarns is often expressed as a count, but their meaning is different.

(3) At present, the highest “count” of textiles at home and abroad is 80, and there are few factories in 80 cloths that can be made in China.


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