Poor sales of yarns are gradually lowered

Shengze market: Today, the price trend of cotton yarn still falls. From the perspective of variety sales, 32s sales of cotton yarn are acceptable, and other specifications are relatively light. In the blended yarn products, the price of polyester-cotton yarns is stable. Polyester and viscose yarn prices fell steadily, people's cotton yarn prices still fell, 10s sales were better than other specifications. The price of viscose staple fibers continued to decrease in the market. It is expected that the future cotton yarn category will continue to decline. The performance of pure polyester yarns was weak, and the prices of individual products were lowered. In contrast, the 45s sales volume was fair, and the transaction volume was very small. The price trend of polyester staple fiber was weak, and the market center price fell to 12,350 yuan/ton. It is expected that the products of pure polyester yarn will also have a downward trend.

冀 Luyu market: In terms of pure cotton yarn: Under the influence of the declining spot price of cotton, the pure cotton yarn market showed a stronger wait-and-see mood. The shrinking of orders received by downstream companies and the reality of almost single bills and short bills has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of cotton yarns purchased. As a result, the sales of cotton yarns were not smooth, and prices were lowered gradually. At present, the mainstream transaction price of C32S cotton yarn is about 27,500 yuan/ton, and the higher price is 28,000 yuan/ton.

In terms of polyester/cotton yarns: As the prices of polyester staple fibers and cotton have both fallen, the cost of raw materials for polyester/cotton yarns has been declining. Therefore, the price of polyester/cotton yarns has continued to decrease recently. At present, the mainstream transaction price of T63/C3532S polyester-cotton yarn is between 21,000-21,500 yuan/ton, and the higher price is 21,500-22,000 yuan/ton.

In terms of cotton yarns, the price of viscose staple fibers has been continuously lowered recently, making the market of people's cotton products less confident, coupled with the impact of the off-season, so the price of cotton yarn has been falling recently. At present, the mainstream transaction price of R30S man's cotton yarn is around 23,500 yuan/ton, and the higher quotation is 24000-24500 yuan/ton.

PU Leather
Material: PU, Semi-PU

Pattern: Dry PU and Wet PU

Application Range:

  1. Bag&Luggage Leather,
  2. Shoes Leather,
  3. Sofa Leather
  4. Car Seat Leather
  5. Furniture Leather
  6. Garment Leather
  7. Decoration Leather
  8. Label


Waterproof, Elastic, Abrasion-Resistant, Non-Fading Non-Pollution, Anti-scratch, Folding Resistance, High Peeling Strength, Breathing Freely, High Durability

PU Leather

Products Advantage:
PU leather is a kind of high-tech and environmental-friendly product, it has the soft hand feeling such as genuine leather but with the very low price. PU leather can be used for production in a wide range.

PU Leather

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