"Love yarn" pre-empted in the northeast, cost-effective underwear to benefit the northeastern women

In recent years, with the development of economy and the continuous improvement of income, women's aesthetics and the concept of consumption have also undergone major changes. More and more female friends clearly recognize that their body is improving their own taste and sublimation of personal feelings. The importance of stability. At the same time, the attractive women in the eyes of Chinese men in the 21st century should be self-confident, sexy, independent and elegant. Underwear as a personal "companion" for women naturally become the best choice for shaping their stature and elegance. No wonder some people say that the underwear industry in the 21st century is a well-deserved sunrise industry and a supernova in the apparel industry.

However, the market price of brand underwear are spent between 300-500 yuan, so that the vast majority of low, middle-income women discouraged. In this context, in November 2011 Love yarn Baby brand choice to enter the Northeast market, products include underwear (bras, underwear), body underwear (plastic pants, plastic clothes, girdle, etc.), underwear fashion (sleeping sling, Home service, etc.) and other three categories. Prior to 2009, Hong Kong-listed Love yarn underwear stationed in mainland China in October 2010 and rapid expansion in a short period of time, there are already 12 provincial distributors, 18 municipal distributors, training eight More than 100 outstanding body tutors, the annual production capacity of 3 million. Originally planned to visit the northeast market by the end of 2012 lovers yarn adjustable underwear brand, stationed in the northeast market one year in advance, the end of October 2011 set up in Heilongjiang "Love yarn Clothing International Group (China) Co., Ltd. Northeast Office", which Means that long-term concern Love yarn Baby adjustable underwear in Northeast women in the Northeast can buy all the major shopping malls cost-effective high-quality underwear, which like to adjust the underwear and reluctant to spend a lot of money, the Northeast is undoubtedly a A welcome thing.

It is understood that Love yarn underwear since landing in China, always adhering to the "responsibility to create a happy life for more women," the purpose and unique marketing model, the establishment of "customer-based, market-oriented" approach to its high quality Of the products, unique design, high-tech fabrics, and improve after-sales service, recognized and favored by consumers and franchisees, has a good market reputation and customer loyalty, has been rated as China's top ten underwear brand, maintenance Consumer Rights - Satisfaction with the integrity of the brand, the first brand of China's underwear adjustment, the most famous Chinese women's underwear brand consumers and other honors.

Love yarn International Chairman Zou Jifu Love yarn stationed in the Northeast market confidence. He told reporters that the original intention of Love yarn brand is to allow Chinese women to wear the wrong wrong underwear healthy and comfortable fashion, cost-effective adjustment underwear. In the future, Love yarn should also continue to understand women in-depth, analysis of women, from the perspective of women to design underwear, new products will continue to integrate into the fashion elements, Love yarn underwear more accurate grasp of women's demand for body sculpting underwear, Silk underwear for the Northeast to show the beautiful women, enhance the temperament, with confidence and help. In addition, Love yarn underwear stationed in the northeast, will hold a series of preferential activities, welcome to the majority of the Northeast women.


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