Keluo Ya Asian women's pursuit of a creative fashion city women

Ke Luo Mei Asia [Company Profile]
Chloodia Chlodia from Italy is full of rich artistic heritage and fashion color of Italy ......
Time to make beautiful gorgeous fashion myths, more and more become more thought-provoking Chloodia Chlodia in Italy in 1985, 2009 formally stationed in China (including Hong Kong)
The company enjoys Chlodia brand exclusive rights to operate in Greater China


Keluo Asia [brand positioning]
Chloodia Chlodia brings a European based on the original design of the mixed fashion style.
Chloodia Chlodia costume performance means more creative ideas and relaxed attitude; it is plain and straightforward, wash away the lead, but it is part of everyday life.
They like to read in the afternoon sun, taste the aroma of coffee, like to talk and laugh in the fashion party, they are fashionable women in the workplace retreat.
Chlodia Asia Chlodia in the most own style of interpretation of the freedom and eclectic lifestyle, advocating the formal beauty of dress and the inherent temperament and culture of new clothing philosophy, which is Chlodia's most inner qualities. Chloodia Asia Chlodia design inspiration into the latest fashion elements in Europe; using exquisite fabrics and tailoring, attention to detail changes and the overall effect with. The closet is like a fashion jigsaw puzzle, and once you find the key piece, you can always solve all the problems that Chlodia can make with different combinations of fashion tips and ideas.
She always stands in the forefront of fashion trends leading fashion, and advocate a vibrant attitude to life.

珂洛缔亚女装 追求有创意生活的时尚都市女性

[Target consumer groups] major consumer groups: urban white-collar workers, freelancers, professional fashion people.
[Age] concerned about the age of 25-36 (psychological age), the pursuit of a creative fashion city women.

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