Garment e-commerce talent shortage is very popular

On October 26th, the fortieth session of the special job fair organized by Yingcai Wanglian’s clothing excellence network was successfully held in Chaoyang Talent Market. Because at the end of recent years, garment companies began to do talent reserve work for the next year, the job fair will be filled with booths, and nearly 100 companies will be recruited, including Belle Footwear (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Youpin Life (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Wuxi Fengma Clothing & Accessories Co., Ltd., Beijing Peel Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., Red Dragonfly and many other apparel industry strength companies. The venue attracted more than 2,000 job seekers to enter the job market.

Yingcai Netcom has also launched a Weibo Live Recruitment Fair, which provides first-hand fresh information for job-seekers who cannot be present, and also increases the opportunities for companies to communicate with job-seekers.

E-commerce talents are in short supply At this job fair, the recruitment of apparel e-commerce talent is a new bright spot. According to the person in charge of recruitment of Beijing Fangfeiqi Trading Co., Ltd., the company is expanding its e-commerce business. At present, talents in this area are very scarce. There is no specific requirement for work experience, performance, etc. As long as candidates have relevant knowledge and are willing In this industry, the company is willing to recruit for training. However, since e-commerce is a new industry in recent years and there are particularly few professionals, it is not easy to recruit.

Career guidance experts said that with the success of apparel e-commerce such as Vango Essence, McCaw and other online shopping platforms such as Taobao and Tencent, more and more consumers use online shopping as the first clothing consumption channel, and e-commerce can be foreseen. The sales method will be a new sales method for the apparel industry. The transformation of the sales method will directly lead to the fault of talents. Therefore, the current e-commerce talents in the apparel market are particularly in short supply.

The HR of Beijing Wuxi Fengma Apparel & Clothing Co., Ltd., which is very popular among sample workers, said that the company is currently in urgent need of sample workers with more than five years of work experience. As long as there are suitable talents, the salary can be as high as 6 More than 10,000. However, because sample workers are very sophisticated technical jobs, the professionals who are willing to work in this direction are declining again. This has made it difficult for such talents to recruit.

Employment guidance experts said that the work of sample workers is very important, and the data provided by sample workers is the necessary information for designers, plate makers and process designers to finalize the final version. Sample production is an essential part of ensuring product quality and increasing production efficiency. Sample workers require a high level of technical skills, so the more experienced sample workers will become more popular in the future.

In addition, the hot jobs in this job fair include image matching teachers, merchandisers, designers, design assistants, quality inspections, and shopping guides.

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