Sea Blue apparel signed a variety show in Shandong TV Arts autumn Raiders

August 1, 2011, the sea blue men's formal signing of Shandong TV variety channel, before the arrival of autumn and winter apparel season began a new round of high-density advertising and image promotion. This is the blue sea men following the Shandong television channel after the signing of Shandong's second partner, so far blue sea men's advertising in Shandong in full swing. Sea Blue Men since April formally stationed in Shandong market has introduced generous, and strive to create a strong terminal. 4 months to develop franchisee 42, the successful completion of the strategic layout of the market. According to the person in charge of the company, Sea Blue Men is located in the fashion lifestyle, the main face of 30,40 people, the product claims quality, fashion, life, mainly for prefecture-level cities and county markets.

Manufactured from a high tech super lightweight material, offering the wearer maximum comfort and bringing you unexpected easy experiencing.

Superior printing filmed cotton with excellent waterproof stain-resistant function but not normal printing PU Leather this is more functional than real leather on stain, oil,

aging and anti static resistance.

3 point massage insole is functional insole with three soft pads to support easy-wearing and comfortable walk. Making walking an enjoyable experience for you.
3 point(R) now well-known as Pansy shoes and sandals insole, present you comfortable wearing feelings.

Ergonomic heel height design relieves pressure from leg and foot ensuring comfortable wearing.

Pansy logo and size are clearly printed on each product for ease of identification.

Please clean dirty upper with wet cloth,polishing is not permitted.

Do not close to fire in case of softening and deforming.

Please put the product in a cool dry place.

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