China's nanofiber technology and industry are breaking out

Business News Agency July 16 Nanofiber has the special advantage of replacing traditional materials in the fields of biology, medicine, military, energy, environmental protection, aerospace and electronics, and has a huge market prospect. Electrospinning is the only way to realize the nanofiber scale in the world today. Chemical production technology. Therefore, the United States and the Czech Republic and other countries that currently hold this technology internationally have strict control over related technologies and products. According to news from the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University, the R&D team led by the department’s professor has made major breakthroughs in this area and is expected to generate significant social and economic benefits.

The fiber diameter of a fabric or nonwoven fabric made by a conventional process is usually several tens to several hundreds of micrometers (1 millimeter = 1000 micrometers). When the fiber diameter is reduced to 1/1000 of the ordinary fiber, it is called a nano-fiber (1 Mm = 1 million nanometers). Due to its high porosity and large specific surface area, nanofibers have special features that surpass traditional fibers. Authoritative organizations predict that during the period from 2011 to 2013, all nanotechnology related products worldwide will reach 1.6 trillion yuan market size, and will grow at an annual rate of 19%.

** The team started the process of electrospinning nanofiber preparation in 2002. The team has independently designed and developed and manufactured the first pilot-scale nanofiber production facility in China, capable of producing 1,000 kg of nanofiber annually. Each device can save at least 10 million yuan in foreign introduction costs, which can greatly reduce the production costs of nanofibers. At present, the team has established Yongqing Huayuan Biomaterials Technology Co., Ltd. in Langfang City, Hebei Province, which is dedicated to equipment optimization and capacity expansion. ** pointed out that at present China's large-scale production of nanofibers is still ushering in the dawn of dawn, and once it is fully advanced into the industrialization stage under the impetus of the capital market, it is expected to bring shock to the world market.


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