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Violet, a brand of home textile, thinks what you think, loves what you love, has violet products, makes exquisite women, and tastes exquisite life. Be a boutique man and enjoy the boutique style. Bedding care can't be ignored. How to choose a suitable mattress is related to your health. Violet Home Textiles collects common knowledge of mattresses for your comprehensive analysis:

1. Types and characteristics of mattresses

Sleep is the foundation of health. How can we have a healthy sleep? In addition to work, life, physical, psychological and other reasons, healthy bedding with "health, comfort, beauty and durability" is the key to high quality sleep.

With the continuous advancement of material civilization and technological processes, the types of mattresses used by modern people are gradually diversified, mainly including: spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, water mattresses, air mattresses, magnetic mattresses, etc. Among these mattresses, spring mattresses account for a large proportion.

Palm Mattress: Made of palm fiber, generally harder in texture or slightly softer in hardness. The mattress is relatively low in price. It has natural palm odor when used, has poor durability, is easy to collapse and deform, has poor support performance, and is not easy to maintain and is prone to mold or mildew.

Modern Brown Mattress: Made from mountain brown or coir with modern adhesive. Environmentally friendly.

Latex mattress: Made of polyurethane compound, also known as PU foam mattress. The softness is high, the water absorption is strong, but the elasticity and the air permeability are insufficient, so the mattress is easy to be wet.

Spring mattress: It is a modern, high-performance mattress with a core composed of springs. The pad has the advantages of good elasticity, better supportability, strong gas permeability and durability.

Inflatable mattress: The mattress is excellent in material, environmentally safe, health-care, easy to collect, and easy to carry. It is suitable for home and travel.

Water mattress: Using buoyancy principle, it has the characteristics of buoyancy sleep, dynamic sleep, warm winter and cool summer, and hyperthermia.

Magnetic mattress: On the basis of the spring mattress, a special magnetic piece is placed on the surface of the mattress to generate a stable magnetic field, and the biological effect of the magnetic field is utilized to achieve sedation, pain relief, blood circulation improvement, swelling, etc. Function, belonging to health care mattresses.

In short, when choosing a mattress, it should be selected according to the specific conditions of each person and the brand and quality of the mattress itself. The key is to meet the requirements of health care and comfort.

2. How to choose the right mattress?

One-third of life is spent in sleep. The four signs that measure people's "healthy sleep" are: adequate sleep, sufficient time, good quality, high efficiency; easy to fall asleep; sleep continuously, without interruption; Deep sleep, wake up and tired. The quality of sleep is closely related to the mattress. Consumers can choose from the mattress's permeability, decompression, support, serviceability, bed tension, sleep temperature and sleep humidity. Buy a mattress of the right type and quality.

Because each person's specific conditions are different, such as weight, height, fat and thin, personal living habits, preferences, etc., people should choose the mattress according to their specific conditions and the local climate and personal economic income conditions. . The most basic requirement is to maintain the lumbar lordosis when lying on the back, and the body curve is normal; when the side is lying, the lumbar spine is not bent and the side bend is dominant.

3. Is the mattress hard or soft?

The softness and hardness requirements of mattresses vary greatly between Chinese and Western consumers. Chinese consumers tend to have harder mattresses, while Western consumers prefer soft mattresses. What is the hardness of the mattress? This is a common concern for consumers. Scientifically, soft mattresses reduce the support of the spine, and the comfort of the hard mattress is not enough, so a hard and soft mattress is not good for healthy sleep. The softness of the mattress directly affects the quality of sleep. Compared with the soft wooden mattress and the soft sponge bed, the moderately soft spring mattress is more conducive to good sleep.

A flexible mattress is essential for the comfort of the human body and the quality of sleep. The distribution of the support force of the spring mattress is relatively uniform and reasonable, which can not only fully support the body, but also ensure the reasonable curvature of the spine; use the spring mattress to sleep more securely, improve the total sleep efficiency, wake up the body Comfort and mental state are better. The use of a spring mattress gives you a higher quality sleep than using a wooden or sponge mattress.

4. How to care for your mattress?

How to do the maintenance of the mattress? The main points to note are the following:

1. Avoid excessive deformation of the mattress during handling, do not bend or fold the mattress;

2. Remove the plastic packaging film before use;

3. The cleaning pad or mattress should be set before use to ensure the long-term use of the product;

4, it is recommended to 3 to 4 months or so, the mattress will be adjusted and turned over regularly, so that the mat surface is evenly stressed, extending the service life;

5, do not stretch the sheets, mattresses when using, so as not to block the vents of the mattress, resulting in the air inside the mattress can not circulate, breeding germs.

6, do not stress on the surface of the pad, so as not to affect the local deformation of the mattress;

7. Avoid scratching fabrics with sharp angle tools or knives.

5. What do you think of the mattress?

The general requirements for mattresses are beautiful appearance, smooth surface, dry, breathable, moderate thickness, not easily deformed, inexpensive, durable, and easy to maintain. The standard for professional evaluation of mattresses is from the perspective of the functionality, comfort and safety of the mattress.

Factors affecting the functionality of the mattress include: stability, anchorage, weight, friction characteristics between the mat and the cushion, thickness, appearance, price, durability and retention characteristics; factors affecting the comfort of the mattress include: pressure distribution , shear force / friction, humidity, temperature, stability and other factors; factors affecting the safety of the mattress include: pressure distribution of the mattress, stability, shear / friction, temperature, temperature, durability, Control of infection source, locust killing, cleaning, flame retardancy, etc.

In addition, mattress materials require density, hardness, resilience, damping, encapsulation, breathable heat dissipation, and water resistance. The mattress produced should meet the direct needs of the user's self-feeling, maximum allowable contact interface, posture, mobile decompression ability, skin condition, and after-sales service.

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