Network marketing effect design model

[China Glass Network] The big feature of network marketing is that the cost is relatively low, but because there are too many companies marketing through the Internet, under the information explosion, this information is easily lost in the vast data. Therefore, from the image display and enterprise interface of the initial business, network marketing has begun to shift the enterprise service or product information to the user in the vast amount of information. In order to achieve this goal, a series of new network marketing programs have emerged. In addition to the statistical means of paying by click or purchase, it seems that there is no strong measure of the statistical means of other marketing models. Such as product placement.

Based on the principle of balance between input and output, we really need a measure to measure the marketing effect and use the solution ideas to design the model:

1. Strip access data and purchase data

Establish third-party variables to measure marketing tools, such as coupons. New online marketing tools, such as implantable marketing, often have difficulty measuring their true outcomes. This requires us to add some parameters to this new form of online marketing to measure, for example, for the placement of advertising, increase the coupon parameter, the viewer can access according to the link and coupon code on the coupon or Purchase, which can separate the traffic and purchases from the product placement from the overall traffic, on the one hand, to visually measure its marketing effect, and on the other hand to analyze the significance of the marketing effect. At the same time, this way, you can go one step further: the marketing pipeline provider decides the strength of the coupon, for example, to provide 100 yuan of profit for marketing, then the marketing provider can set the consumer's profit margin x, and each time After the purchase, the marketing provider gets a 100-x commission. In this way, we can achieve multi-win and win the marketing threshold. Of course, this right can continue to be decentralized to consumers and continue to be statistic, so that it can be disseminated through social media, and the purchases made through these consumers will be returned to them 100-xy (the profit set by these consumers) ).

2. Visit stay time and active time

Some of the pages in the browser have been retained since we opened them, perhaps because they are important, perhaps because they were temporarily forgotten and not closed. This creates a significant difference between dwell time and active time. This phenomenon is even more pronounced in emerging online marketing, because such marketing is generally not a marketing campaign when users search for information. To calculate the active time, the recommended method is to use the click link/dwell time method to remove the time when the page is opened without detailed attention. The specific method is: under a large number of independent ips, the sum of the number of hits on a certain page is subject to a normal distribution, based on which the abnormal data is eliminated, and then the remaining data is calculated by the number of clicks per ip unit / The total stay time, the outliers are removed again. For the remaining ips, it can be considered that the stay time of these ips is the active time from a larger probability. Further, evaluate the effect of pushing information at non-information acquisition time.

3. Free time and busy hours

When people are chatting and searching for information, the identification of information is significantly different. You can't force a person who is filling the horizon to be attracted and used or purchased by your new marketing methods. Therefore, whether it is social media marketing or advertising advertising, in the above or other means, after obtaining the access and purchase data and active time data brought by these marketing, the visitors are converted into buyers. This is an urgent problem to be solved. The user's access time is a key measure of the problem. To measure, one of the feasible methods is to measure the access link of the network platform used by the marketing means. Of course, the importance of this measure is significantly related to the cost and habits of the products to be marketed.

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