Auspicious Sambo shares the way of home textile product maintenance

In modern family life, home textile fabrics are increasingly favored by people, not only to meet people's sleep needs, but also like clothing and jewelry, can reflect a person's taste and taste. The beautiful colors and patterns, clever matching and decoration will make our home more unique, warmer and more romantic. Everyone can design their own small world according to their own needs and tastes, or fresh and natural, or elegant and gorgeous, or romantic, let the home become a design stage to show personality and meet their own needs.

Do you know how to use these home textile products correctly? Auspicious Sambo Home Textile teaches you how to use home textile products correctly.

the first. To avoid direct sunlight, place the bedding on the place where it is best to avoid the sun, or use a translucent gauze curtain to separate the direct sunlight, and try to avoid outdoor sun exposure to the whole or part of the bedding.

second. Cotton fabrics have strong alkali resistance and are not resistant to acid. Please do not use bleach when washing. Wash with soap or other detergents. Do not use hot water, use lukewarm water and cold water. Generally, the washing temperature should not exceed 40 °C. Suitable; if there is a decoration, please remove the decoration and then wash it. The cotton fabric with perspiration should not be soaked in hot water to avoid yellow sweat spots.

Do not soak the bedding in the water for a long time, so it is easy to make the color of the printed products fade, causing the fabric to expand, deform and shorten its service life.

third. When washing dark bedding, do not mix with other light-colored fabrics. Whether washing machine or hand-washing, be sure to take a gentle washing method. Wait for the detergent to dissolve in the water and put the bedding into it. Fully absorb the cleaning molecules in the detergent, which is conducive to the cleaning of the bed.

fourth. Wash the bedding separately, do not put other clothes, prevent the buttons or metal products of other clothes from entanglement with the bedding, and damage the bedding.

fifth. After the bed products are dirty, they should be cleaned in time. When ironing, be sure to take low temperature. When not in use, stack them in a dry place.

sixth. If you find that there is a loose thread on the bedding, do not tear it by hand. Use scissors to trim it flat.

Mastering the correct use of washing methods, when we finish the stressful, busy, and exhausted day of work, we can ensure that we enjoy a comfortable sleep in clean, soft, beautiful and romantic bedding... (Auspicious Sambo)

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