The woman has a bad stomach and wears wedge shoes

[This site - shoes and life] Foot impact when walking in high heels will cause a lot of bad impact on the soles of the feet, from a health point of view, slope heel is the best choice, especially some gastrointestinal function is not good MM , Wear slope shoes can also play a role in protecting the stomach. A 3 cm wedge shaped shoe fits well with a normal human arch, making it more comfortable and safe to walk.

For some women with poor stomach, this high heel can properly massage the sole. This is because there are a lot of acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, and the inside of the forefoot is the massage reflection area of ​​the stomach. The heel is about 3 centimeters, just so that the stress point is controlled on the inside of the forefoot, and the foot center of gravity is leaning forward and the footsteps are walking. When the force of the feet acts like a massage, he often wears wedge heels to maintain the stomach to a certain extent, relieve the discomfort of the stomach, and he prefers wedge shoes for poor gastrointestinal function.

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