Love child brand children's clothing 2012 autumn and winter new orders will come to a successful conclusion

Love child brand children's clothing 2012 autumn and winter new conference and order will be successfully held a few days ago, customers from many cities in the country participated in this event, the order will love new children 2012 autumn and winter, exquisite fashion, many styles, Complete category, design novelty become a major highlight of the order area, has been widely praised. Have expressed confidence in the prospects for new product sales. And convinced that in everyone's continuous efforts, "love Duo child tomorrow will be more brilliant! Fuzhou love Duo Er Clothing Co., Ltd was founded in 2004, is a collection of production, research and development, marketing in one of the modern children's wear enterprises, the company successfully introduced The world-class brand "Ai Duo Er" has successfully launched the "Ai Duo Er" brand of professional boys in 2008. "Ai Duo Er" and "Ai Er Er" are positioned as middle-and high-end European style and taste children's clothing brand, -16-year-old children develop and design products, advocating love of nature, full of love, the pursuit of self-concept of healthy living, the product has a rich fantasy color. Has been awarded the Chinese market excellent product quality, consumer recognized best-selling brand, was named Fujian Provincial famous brand, the top ten brands in China's children's wear industry.Now, is declaring the national garment quality exemption enterprises and China's well-known trademarks. Love child brand children's clothing in the "integrity and win-win" marketing idea to low-risk marketing model and high-quality After-sales service to join the policy, adhere to the brand first, quality first of the market rules, the industry won a good Word of mouth effect .Now the marketing network has been radiation throughout the country 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, nearly 100 cities set up more than 300 stores (counters), and the franchisee is the geometric leap growth. The cultural connotation is that we regard every girl in the real world as a girl who can cultivate and mold an angel-like cute, kind, sincere, intelligent and upright ..... But in the real world every girl has mutual Personality, they have different personality, growth experience, family background, etc. Therefore, each child's growth has a strong plasticity, we think we should respect the child's choice, respect the child's desire for growth, give them ample space to form an independent And also because of the variety of angels in this "Aiduoer" culture, as long as we can give enough care, respect and guidance to our children's growth, every girl can become an angelic perfect girl! In our Brand culture emphasizes caring children and cultivating children's love, love can help children grow healthily, can children To develop into a caring and individual "child" angel, so in our brand culture, "Duo Er" is actually every girl, and every girl can become "Duo Er." The core concept of the brand Lies in using "Duo Er" as a carrier to realize the transmission and communication of parents' love to children and children's love to society.

Women`s clothing  

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Women`s clothing

Women's Clothing

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