Change the woman's body as long as wearing Mary Kuang adjustment underwear


Before the woman does not know how to wear underwear to his chest better body, and now the woman as long as walking in the street know that underwear can change the overall image of a woman's curve more attractive, such as adjusting underwear, body bra underwear brand,

Functional body underwear, have different needs. Today also led the market to join the adjustment of underwear , lingerie brand to join and functional underwear brand to join.

And we just right is joined the underwear three joined the industry.
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Cotton Percale Fabric

The Cotton Percale Fabric refer to a fine closely woven cotton plain fabric, which has a thread count of about 200 or higher and is noticeably tighter than the standard type of weave used for bed sheets. It is firm and smooth with no gross and washes very well. Because it is woven by cotton yarns, the cotton percale fabric has good characters of moisture absorption and air permeability. There is cotton percale bleached fabric, Cotton Percale Dyed Fabric and cotton percale printed fabric.

Our company, Shijiazhuang Guangda Textile Co., Ltd mainly weaves the cotton percale fabric using 40s-120s yarns, from 200T to 1000T, in 183cm, 250cm, 280cm, 300cm and 315cm width. And then we bleach or dye or print the cotton percale fabric and roll on hard paper tubes, cover with plastic bags outside then pack in woven polyester bags. We always use the cotton percale fabric to make sheets, fitted sheets, Duvet Covers and Pillowcase Slips for home, hotel and hospital.

Cotton Percale Fabric

Cotton Percale Fabric,Cotton Organic Percale Fabric,Cotton Percale Dyed Fabric,Cotton Percale Printed Fabric

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