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Shenzhen Tianzhu Ecological Clothing Co., Ltd. under the Jilin Chemical Fiber Group's subsidiary, Tianzhu brand with its strong product development, design and known. The product line is smooth, well-structured, comfortable to wear, fashionable, practical, soft and smooth texture, hygroscopic breathable, antibacterial antibacterial, health and environmental protection, but also its low-cost high-quality won the favor of consumers around the world. Mainly engaged in apparel, towels, underwear , socks, bedding, etc., unique lightweight design and unique characteristics of bamboo fiber, in the international similar products, especially unique, leading the fashion trend, to create a new pattern of bamboo fiber market.


Bamboo fiber is an ecological, environmentally friendly textile raw materials, the product won the national key new products and national technology innovation award. Bamboo fiber with natural antibacterial, UV and moisture absorption, health and beauty and other functions, known as cotton, linen, silk, wool after the fifth largest natural fiber, a well-known new fiber brand.

Bamboo underwear to ensure that all underwear fresh and soft, enhance the body's detoxification, antibacterial antibacterial, pest control moth. From the beginning, the rise of Tianzhu underwear industry is starting from the quality of the product now basically has returned to the upgrading of fabrics. Made of the latest nano and bamboo charcoal fibers. It is the darling of the new market, quickly set off a popular global storm.

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