REDU fashion men's lightweight suit to create high-quality male charm

REDU Fashion and one of China's most famous micro-film companies - King Pin Micro Film to achieve cross-border cooperation, through its strong entertainment resources and star lineup to create a "new youth literary fashion brand." Injecting the attitude and culture of the new youth in literary and artistic life, establishing individualized brand image and expectation psychology, and differentiating "the first brand of new youth literary and fashion clothing", no matter the design or the image, the cognition of brand is spread to consumers. Fashion is regardless of the season, the male must have in any season, the hot fashion men in the cold winter is still not reminded by the snow, breaking down fat bloated, introduced a variety of small light suit to create high-quality male charm. Gradient color system, but this year's major hot stage T Taiwan Oh, clever transition black and gray, slightly lapel design, simple two buckle, with a gray shirt has a gentleman style Oh. Classic unbeaten suits, lightweight models, MIX leather epaulets, but also unique and handsome personality elegant, with a white shirt and black scarf, showing refined charm.

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