Bunny-Mark International 2013 spring new listing City played cool rhythm

The times are changing, and the needs of children are changing. They are no longer just warm and comfortable from the perspective of choosing clothing, they are more concerned about the product's fashion and personality. As the world's leading children's fashion brand, Rabbit Mark International closely follow the trend of international fashion development, capture the development trend of popular elements. Designed to grow in the city of the new generation of children, providing the most fashionable and personalized fashion brand. To this end, Rabbit Mark International proposed "children, fresh life," the brand positioning, the latest international children's fashion elements into Rabbit Mark product design to further enhance the quality of service. For children to bring a more fresh life experience. Rabbit Mark international children's wear follow the classic black and white style, personalized, stylish urban darling offers cool, stylish, unique clothing, but also for them with a unique European-style color equipment, different taste of life experience. Pursuit of the beauty of fashion personality, the classic black and white and the United States and the perfect combination of color equipment, the use of natural fabrics and meticulous design, Bunny-Mark International allows you to enjoy the comfort of texture at the same time, showing personal style, ready to feel the alternative Rabbit Mark fashion. Rabbit-Mark International Spring 2013 new mid-January listed grand, the main quarter of the flagship "metropolitan rhythm" series. The urban rhythm series combines various elements of a fashionable city with urban silhouettes, monograms, zebra crossing and traffic signs. The colors are black and white, cool and sporty. The product seems to allow children exposure to fashion metropolis, the silhouette of the city buildings, the patchwork of overpasses, all kinds of eye-catching traffic signs, feel that song is full of modern and dynamic urban rhythm. Imagine walking in the glittering cosmopolitan city, the city's architectural sketches, scattered overpasses, a variety of eye-catching traffic signs, dotted with the pace of our pursuit of fashion; a dynamic rhythms rising, dancing body, The music has always been haunting the children's shoes, can not help but step out to tell the pace of personality; letters arranged combination, the strong collision of warm colors, piecing together a modern image of the cool.

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