Choose a pair of pajamas to sleep peacefully

Editor's Note: A comfortable pajamas can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also give the whole family unlimited warmth. It is romantic, sexy, close-fitting and comfortable. It is a sloppy thing for both men and women. How to choose a favorite pajamas? In this issue, we invited Yang Shuxia, deputy director of the Department of Dermatology, Peking University First Hospital, Song Ping, deputy director of the Department of Dermatology, Guang'anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and director of the Indoor Environment Monitoring Center of China Interior Decoration Association. Song Guangsheng and Deputy Secretary-General of the China Knitting Industry Association, Jing Jing, gave a lecture on the learning.

Style split pajamas are more convenient. If you choose from the style of pajamas, you can basically divide them into three types: suspenders, splits, and one-piece dressing gowns.

Suspender pajamas are mostly used in summer, which are cool and beautiful. The texture is mainly composed of silk, silk, cotton and linen and cotton. Pajamas made of these materials, which absorb sweat and are not close to the body, plus their natural and flowing feel, can really feel cooler.

The biggest advantage of split pajamas is that they are comfortable to wear and easy to move. This kind of pajamas is made of silk knit fabric made of high-gloss yarn. It has soft hand feeling, good breathability and water absorption. It is comfortable to wear. Even if you suddenly come to your home, you don't have to rush into the bedroom to change clothes.

In the family of pajamas, those who appeared earlier and were called pajamas were considered to be one-piece nightgowns. A waistband is worn across the waist, cuddling the nightgown with the skin, allowing the skin to thoroughly feel the soft lining of the nightgown. It uses towel and flannel fabrics to keep warm, moisture-absorbing and wrinkle-free, but it is easy to fluff and pull the wire. Be careful, it is generally suitable for winter wear.

It is worth reminding that the most important thing about the pajamas style is that the back and front panels should have sufficient width and must not be too small or just right. Otherwise, sleeping tightly on the chest, abdomen and back will make you feel uncomfortable, and long-term wear will be detrimental to your health. In addition, pajamas should also be easy to wear, easy to take off and easy to wash.

Made of cotton, comfortable pajamas on the market now include cotton, silk, wood pulp fiber (modal), chemical fiber, silk, satin, chiffon, hemp and so on. But soft, comfortable, breathable material, also belongs to cotton, silk, wood pulp fiber (Modal), chemical fiber fabric is best not to wear. According to research by Japanese scientists, hemp pajamas can affect sleep and are not among the first choices.

In summer pajamas, satin (sardin) fabrics are widely used for their lightness and suppleness. It has a smooth touch and is suitable for direct contact with the skin. In winter pajamas fabrics, velvet fabrics are used more because they have good warmth retention, soft fabrics and affinity skin, but they produce more static electricity, and people with better physical fitness or People in dry areas should be used with caution.

Due to slow metabolism and dry skin, the elderly often have itching symptoms. Silk pajamas are not only easy to dry, absorb moisture, have good heat dissipation, but also have a certain massage effect on the skin, which can enhance the vitality of epidermal cells and reduce the chance of microbes growing on the skin. It has a certain health care effect for the elderly.

Pajamas that are prone to static electricity may induce itching of the skin and even impede blood circulation. It is not good for the health of elderly people with heart disease, so the elderly should not choose. It is best for children and people with bad skin to choose cotton. Cotton pajamas can reduce irritation to the skin, are not easy to induce allergies, and are more comfortable and safe to wear.

Color pink helps sleep pajamas, whether it is safe or help sleep, it is best to choose a light color.

The elegant colors are suitable for both family wear and tranquility, while bright red and bright blue pajamas can affect people's relaxation and rest. Therefore, the color of the pajamas is suitable for various pinks, such as pink, pink green, pink yellow and beige. Pajamas, which have been plaided with plaids, have always been a long-lasting style, because it really helps people relax and promote sleep. Nowadays, the color matching of pajamas on the market is also increasing, such as light white, pink, goose yellow, fruit green, turquoise, light gray and other base colors, with small flowers and fine flowers, will bloom in spring. Indulging in the pajamas, people suddenly feel different warmth.

If you buy a brightly colored pajamas, be sure to wash them a few times after you go home and wash off the dye that may be attached to them. Dark dyes are not good for health. The more dyed clothes, the more chemicals are added, the greater the health hazard, not only for the skin, but also for cancer.

Misunderstanding pajamas are not home clothes to go home from work and put on pajamas, making people feel comfortable and comfortable. But if you work in pajamas, you make a big mistake.

If you wear pajamas as home clothes and wear them when you are working on food, it is easy to get all kinds of soot, dust and bacteria. Wearing such clothes to fall asleep, not only is not comfortable, but people around them will also inhale those "dirty things", endangering health.

In addition, the water on the hair and body after bathing did not dry out, and even the chemical residue of shampoo and hair care products remained. Wearing pajamas at this time will wet the clothes and make it chemically contaminated, which will affect the quality of sleep and hinder health.

In addition, many people think that they often take a bath, and it doesn't matter if the pajamas are worn for a few more weeks. In fact, after we go to sleep, when we go to sleep, the body's metabolism continues, and the skin still secretes oil and sweat, which will get on the pajamas. After a few weeks without washing, these oils and sweats can irritate the skin and may cause folliculitis or sweat spots.

Therefore, even if it is a person who bathes every day, pajamas should be washed frequently, especially those who have oily skin, at least once a week.

Do not wash with hot water.

Good pajamas must be carefully maintained, whether it is washing or drying, there is a lot of learning. First, pajamas are best washed with cold water or warm water that is slightly lower (40°C or lower). Hot water washes easily damage the material, thus losing its breathability, strong sweat absorption, etc., or the size is smaller. Secondly, a neutral detergent for general or underwear can be used, but the amount can not be too much. Finally, the detergent should not be directly on the pajamas. It must be fully dissolved in water and then put into the pajamas to avoid uneven color. Even more bleach can be used to prevent the clothes from turning yellow. When drying, it should be placed in a cool place to dry. Too much sunlight can easily deteriorate and yellow the clothes, shortening their life.

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