Retro-style ladies fresh dress New Year's Eve to create equipment

The "ancient style" women's wear advocates new fashion, with simple, generous, elegant and fashionable culture as the theme, integrating the plainness of classical culture with the publicity of the western trend, incorporating the connotations of street-style fancy and elegant art, In line with the public fashion aesthetic youth fashion. Old-fashioned focus on the use of popular fabrics and the integration of fashion elements, from the most fundamental beauty of the human body, the modification of fashion elements tend to focus on the performance of the more powerful fashion.

尚古主义女装 清新连衣裙打造春节拜年装

Orange owner sweets in general fresh sweetness, round neck design + cotton collar to enhance fashion sense, so Look smart together.

尚古主义女装 清新连衣裙打造春节拜年装

Early fall or late autumn wear a very nice look of a dress, super fairy Fan children! The best way to wear is with a belt, piercing the sense of hierarchy! When the weather is cold woolen coat, plus velvet jacket. Wear a warm lace wear take a more eye-catching!

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