The hottest way to talk in 2015 is Beanie clothes

Every day, we are in a stove, the hot summer will be the least cool in our hearts have become dry, even if it is open to air conditioners at low temperatures is difficult to the hearts of the heat out, how to do? Proverb " Calm nature cool ", this argument already OUT. What is the best way to dispel the heat in 2015? Eat watermelon, game, air-conditioner ......., NO, NO, 2015 is the most antipyretic clothes to speak, why say so to hear Come with one fruit. How can you bring cool children's clothing? This is where many people will be puzzled. Since you do not understand, then go with the bingo to experience what's going on under this bar. Pick up the phone, sweeping the bingo clothes that will be spoken, and bingo with a group of little penguins will enjoy the cold in Antarctica summer.

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