Short-sleeved shirt with a summer shirt + short-sleeved how to match

Summer T-shirt and shirt are two kinds of collocation, but these two kinds of collocation a kind of dress is also very good, a T-shirt can be matched with a shirt, this is not wearing outfit it cumbersome? In fact, this dress will not feel cumbersome, because the simplicity of the T-shirt in the summer is certainly not what characteristics, plus a shirt embellishment feeling is not the same, Hao Xin Kai. Dejin Men T shirt + shirt with. First of all, you have to have a white T-shirt, so as to be able to tie the shirt, the summer white T-shirt is very simple, it will not be outdated outdated but also will not attract your attention, an ordinary T-shirt, accompanied by a striped short-sleeved Shirt, this mix is ​​not to make the whole more attractive? Pants with light pants or dark pants are no problem. White t-shirt coupled with a pure color of the shirt, then the pure color of the shirt must have a color, not a dark color but a light color, pink, oh, Hao Xin Kai. + White T-shirt full charm, lower body with a pair of jeans, this dress is not quite good? Summer no longer have to wear a monotonous T shirt.


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