Warmly celebrate Korean Fashion set Zhangjiajie Korean women's store opened

" Korean Collection " was founded in 2008, is one of the brands of Guangzhou Niqiao Clothing Co., Ltd. In July this year, the Korean Fashion Week opened a new store for many consecutive days. The Korean Fashion Women's Korean set up a new store in Zhangjiajie, Congratulations on the opening of Zhangjiajie Huang total business, business is booming, Caijin Guangjin!


Set South Korean fashion Korean women keep up with the fashion trend, the week on the new, diverse styles, styles, each week has the latest fashion products to consumers, customers really want to achieve the product, Xiao Bian also wish here Korean brand bound for the major north-south, female friends all over the country to bring the Gospel! Growing number of Korean set, I believe there are more surprises waiting for you.


Join 6 big advantages

1, exquisite style, good quality, credit guarantee, cost-effective products, huge terminal competitive advantage.

2, factory direct, fast fashion model, weekly new, style closer to the market.

3, Korean style, simple, fresh, generous, stylish, close to the international trend.

4, 100% replacement, no inventory pressure.

5, 100% shelf support, high rebate policy.

6, a strong operating system, one-stop service, shop full worry-free


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