Lacoste×Lesage Introduces High Definition POLO Series

The sports-inspired lifestyle brand LACOSTE has long been known for its casualness and elegance, while Lesage, the top French embroiderer, is renowned for its advanced hand-embroidered embroidery. Today, the two brands jointly launch a collaboration series that perfectly blends the value of their respective brands with their exquisite craftsmanship. Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the creative director of LACOSTE since 2010, is the initiator of this bold attempt.

This year, the LACOSTE classic ladies POLO shirt celebrates its 50th anniversary. This also triggered the memory of Felipe Oliveira Baptista's early works - he studied architectural design in his student days, and was immersed in haute couture custom designs early in his career. Today, he combines the two in an unexpected way to create a LACOSTE advanced custom POLO shirt series.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista has designed a large-profile POLO shirt and a smartly-cut mini-POLO dress for this collection. These works are embellished with exquisite hand-embroidery, using a large number of twentieth-century images. These embroidery not only became unique in this series, but also conveyed the inherent vitality of clothing to people, showing a faction, groups, and even the colors of the times.

FAIR PLAY, ART DECO, Street Art & Video Games

This series uses the famous quotations and slogans in the LACOSTE Archives to show respect for the spirit of the athletes and the concept of fair competition in different forms of competition. We see in this series the works of “The treasure is always hidden in the center of the jungle”, the “careful crocodile infestation” slogan, the temptation game using the new art curvilinear font, or inspired by the iconic mouth yellow face. Tennis video game. In addition, the fast, casual, free and easy graffiti art loved by designers is also used in design. The fun-filled stage with gold and glitter reminiscent of the hip hop singer's shiny costumes and Las Vegas's eye-catching neon slogans.

From both sides of the stadium

Inventions and innovations like tennis are bounced on both sides of the court. In terms of embroidery, Lesage has devoted himself to the treatment of special materials and has fully adapted to new technologies: such as cutting resin glass lasers into “Fair Play” slogans and sewing hidden threads, or connecting 3D embedding of meshes and pearls, etc. Wait. This series of works even takes more than 200 hours to complete.

At LACOSTE, pearls, plexiglass and gemstones are embroidered on a POLO dress that brings its basic functional needs, fit and comfort, to a highly refined level. After entering the streets of the city after leaving the tennis courts and golf greens for a long time, the POLO shirt will become the fashion choice for future social events.

LACOSTE's creative director has left a big innovation challenge in this series with a clear and witty geometric theme. He cleverly transformed Lesage's long-awaited embroideries into embroideries that are advancing with the times. For example, in the current era of social networking, the slogan "René did it first" printed on clothing is like the topic of luxury goods used on Instagram or Twitter.

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