2015 autumn fall suitable for what kind of skirt outfit for fall dress

For the fashion requirements, we always on the basis of the original code. Summer fashion we have complete mastery, and the rational use of bring their own unlimited fashion. However, in the coming early autumn, there will be what fashion is waiting for us? Now Xiaobian will: " Love " Women 2015 early autumn series recommended to everyone.


In the fall if you want to continue the charm of big legs, still can choose a dress to accompany you. Sleeve dresses, check whether the pattern of dot patterns mixes your vision a bit small does not fit? Break the conventional design, you can get better. The perfect self-cultivation design, clever fold skirt, will be your fashion in silence. However, we also have to pay attention to some small embellishment: necklaces, earrings and hand bag and so on.

2015早秋季适合穿哪种裙装出街 适合秋天穿的裙子

Looks very simple with red and black recommended, but in the details it is a lot of effort Oh. Excellent tailor-made skirts to make the fold like the shadows in the stage in general, wave point coat slightly pearl necklace embellishment, instantly have a sense of luxury Oh.

2015早秋季适合穿哪种裙装出街 适合秋天穿的裙子

This one will appear more lady, intellectual. Elegant petal collar, coupled with a clean and fresh style, whether it will make the whole white dress look more lovable elegance and moving? This paragraph, you can give you the most comfortable autumn sunshine oh.

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