Boudoir brand underwear full service support franchisee customers

Gui Mi is a well-known second-line underwear brand , currently in the country already has more than 1,000 stores brand terminal. In addition to the full range of underwear products, diverse styles, quality assurance, franchise business customers to provide full service support is also able to Win franchisee customers trust an important reason.


1. To join the boudoir brand customers, if not sure store, boudoir in the country set up six regional offices, a professional staff to the customer location, to help store location, and conduct market analysis.

2. After the store is identified, the space designer will also be free to help customers shop decoration design, while maintaining the brand's uniform style image under the premise of the customer's personal advice, in order to achieve the best visual effects store. Generally from the storefront design to complete the decoration cycle time is about two weeks.

3. In the customer's store renovation design at the same time, the company's planning department will help customers plan store opening activities program, and related print ads design.

4. Before the customer's shop is ready for opening, the store manager will walk to the customer's lingerie's shop to help clients prepare for the opening, including the display of the goods, the scene layout of the storefront and the customer's knowledge of underwear Training and marketing knowledge training. Opened in the new store, there are related opening material support.

5. After the opening of the customer's underwear store, every holiday want to carry out promotional activities can contact the Department of Boulevard Planning Department staff, asked to help plan the holiday promotion program, and design and production of related print ads.

6. According to the brand on the franchisee shop support policy, the franchisee customers meet the relevant policy standards under the premise, the boudoir franchisee in the store rent, store decoration, purchase of goods to subsidize the funds to ensure that customers underwear Long-term operation of the store.

7. Guiyi staff also regularly visit the country's terminal stores, according to the terminal store where the flow of people, brand competitors and their own management analysis, etc., to help franchisees and customers to train staff and goods, Analysis of the display of goods display, and then provide the correct, effective marketing advice and service suggestions for the client terminal.

8. Guoyi underwear brand official WeChat subscription number (guimi118) will regularly share the underwear shop management, marketing and marketing knowledge, franchisee customers concerned about the WeChat WeChat, share this knowledge to learn to help enhance the underwear shop sales.

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