Chrysanthemum stone carving

Chrysanthemum stone carving is a unique folk sculpture art of Xiangxi. It is a precious stone carving crafts integrating archaeology, scientific research and appreciation. It has a high collection value. Chrysanthemum stone is one of the three major stones in China, mainly distributed in Liuyang City of Hunan Province and Tunxi County of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture. Chrysanthemum stone is a rare natural relic, formed in the marine carbonate formation of the Permian Qixia Formation, about 300 million years ago. They are products of geological action. When calcite is combined with lapis lazuli, the rock is scattered and scattered, that is, it is condensed, and the closer it is to the center, the more turbulent it is. In this way, in the black rock, there is a shape of jade, ice, and chrysanthemum, so it is called chrysanthemum stone.

The geese chrysanthemum stone is produced in the hinterland of Yanmenxi Reservoir near the Xinnv River in Pushi Town, Tunxi County. The texture is tough, the shape is different, the flower core is obvious, the petals are unconstrained, the flower shape is clear, and the color is jade, which is the precious raw material of stone carving. There is also a beautiful legend in the Tunxi Chrysanthemum Stone. "Pangu Kaitian 18 峒, the fairy scatters flowers. Only the 瓠峒 瓠峒 , , , 菊花 菊花 菊花 菊花 菊花 菊花 菊花 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Sprinkle the rich and auspicious flowers of the world. Chrysanthemum stone carving crafts have been tribute in the Qing Dynasty.

Chrysanthemum stone carving is a special art of "Heaven and Man". It combines the natural beauty of chrysanthemum form in stone with the beauty of artificial carving, and pays attention to the perfect combination of practicality, artistry and appreciation of chrysanthemum stone carving crafts. The expression technique and style of the chrysanthemum stone carvings are derived from the traditional chrysanthemum stone carving process, and also infiltrate the skills and aesthetic elements of the folk arts in Xiangxi. On the chrysanthemum stone of various shapes, the combination of bas-relief, deep relief, round carving and hollow carving is used to create the sculpture. The embossing is mostly used for pattern decoration. The round carving is mostly used for objects that can be viewed from all around. The hollow carving is mostly used to deal with the dense relationship between the branches and leaves and the spatial relationship between the chrysanthemum and its decorative lines, and to reduce the weight of the carving pieces. It is very flexible in the combination of styling. For example, chrysanthemum can be combined with various utensils to form exquisite carvings of different interest. It makes the content of the creation of chrysanthemum stone carving very wide, so it can be cherished by lovers of different levels.

Chrysanthemum stone carving is very picky about quarrying. The perfection of the flower shape is an extremely important factor in the success or failure of a stone carving craft. There are two types of flowers in the Xixi chrysanthemum. The Minghua stone material is extremely rare and rare. It is attached to the surface of the bluestone and has a strong three-dimensional effect. The petals are strip-shaped, because the convex protrusions are on the surface, they are easy to break and break, and are affected by natural factors such as wind and rain, and the color is pale pink. Dark flower stone is a common stone used for chrysanthemum stone carving. It is hidden in the bluestone, and its color is white and crystal clear. It can only be found after breaking the stone. The flower shape of the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum stone mainly has three kinds of spherical shape, butterfly shape and irregular shape. The combination of flower size varies greatly. Among them, the spherical chrysanthemum is the closest to the natural chrysanthemum. Therefore, artists often work hard on materials selection. According to the different combinations of stones and chrysanthemums in different shapes and their position, they carefully conceive and choose the best composition. After the design concept is mature and reasonable, they will go to fine. Carved.

Chrysanthemum stone carving art can be divided into four types: appreciation products, practical goods, appreciation and practicality, and Kistler appreciation. Most of the appreciation items are mainly ornaments, and the subject matter is mostly composed of flowers and birds. The artistic style is known for its authenticity, the pursuit of accurate modeling, perfect image and profound meaning. The main products include enamel, pen insert, pen wash, ashtray, hip flask, tea set and other appliances. This type of product emphasizes practicality and pays attention to decorative beauty. Appreciate the products combined with practicality such as “Vase”, “Stone Bottle Rockery” and “Qingxi Jushan”. This kind of work is ingeniously conceived, with a sense of harmony, rhythm and rhythm. The characteristic of chrysanthemum stone carving is different from other stone carvings: all the design and engraving techniques have to serve the natural beauty of chrysanthemum form, which is also the value of its rare and precious. Chrysanthemum stone carving various art products have formed their own unique style in the process of "co-creation with the sky." All the chrysanthemums that are naturally formed, all not engraved, only polished and flat, leave the border, try to retain its natural charm, giving people a natural, unique, authentic, elegant beauty.

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