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Lantian jade is rich in jade, and its advantages and disadvantages are different. Knowing all kinds of Lantian jade is the first thing to do before buying jade. Lantian jade itself has rich cultural connotations. In ancient times, it was regarded as the spirit of all things, moral model. It can be used to worship the heavens and the earth, to wear for the gentleman, and to be able to avoid evil and bring good luck. Understanding the Chinese Lantian jade culture is also a homework done by jade collectors.


However, due to the large number of collectors and the relatively small number of ancient jade articles, the fakes are taken advantage of, and the antique jade and jade jade are in the market. Therefore, those who purchase ancient Lantian jade must learn to identify the ancient jade features of various historical periods and understand the various jade articles. As a pseudo-tactic, but with the change of the concept of jade collection, the current jade market has a tendency to diversify the collection objects, and modern Lantian jade has gradually become the focus of collection. For the purchase of jade crafts, jade jewelry or health jade, there are different principles.

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