EVA OUXIU Yihua ouxiu women's 2015 spring new

Eva ouxiu Iowa Ou Xiu spring "twill light" series is to extract the film "Alice in Wonderland" in the palace element, the "twill light" this is often used in court fabrics applied to this season's clothing design, to create Out of a light and handsome style.

Due to the strong gloss, this series of products has a strong visual impact on the upper body and a sense of space.

Gorgeous light and crisp style, this series of products have a sense of luxury and handsome.

Light and extravagant and crisp fabrics, coupled with a handsome collar design, give this coat a cool, elegant look.

The sleek and lustrous fabrics are comfortable and contoured, and simply and neatly declares that urban women are capable and clean.

Garment Shell And Lining

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