Why nine women have breast hyperplasia?

Since Yao Bena's death, just a few days, if the Mayfair public platform fans increased by more than 800 fans, we can see that Yao Beina's death triggered a lot of female friends, attaches great importance to breast cancer, the following small series For everyone to popularize, why nine women have breast hyperplasia.


What is breast hyperplasia?

Breast hyperplasia refers to the structure of breast duct and milk leaflets in the degenerative diseases and progressive connective tissue growth, the main cause of the disease is due to endocrine hormone disorders, it is neither a disease of inflammation and non-tumor. It is some unhealthy habits, causing the body airframe imbalance, hormonal disorders, and thus to the long-term adverse breast gland stimulation caused abnormal proliferation of breast tissue swelling.

Why the incidence of breast hyperplasia so high?

1, abortion, birth control, not breastfeeding, breast function failure Many women due to old age unmarried, infertility, sexual disorders, induced abortion, divorce alone, inhibition of breastfeeding and other reasons, the breast can not have normal, periodic physical activity, Endocrine disorders, Chong Ren Ren shaft damage, it is easy to give birth to breast disease.

2, sentimental, emotional poor, irritable, easy to let poor blood in the breast

With the development of society, people's awareness of competition and the pace of life have also changed a lot. Especially women, sentimental on weekdays, are easy to hold in their hearts and can not vent for a long time. The liver is stasis and the internal environment is not good Change, increase the incidence of breast disease.

3, wanton eating and drinking, eat too fat or greasy food, turbidity will block the breast

The current living standards continue to rise, people began wanton eating and drinking, fat and greasy, like cold and other habits are uncommon, these habits will affect the body's air machine, especially the spleen, stomach, gas, these meridians a plug, The incidence of breast hyperplasia will increase.

4, long-term use of hormonal drugs, wear inappropriate underwear , oppression of the chest lymphoid long-term use of hormone-containing health products, birth control pills, will lead to endocrine balance disorders, or wear tight bra, oppression to the chest lymph and blood circulation, These are ways to prevent breast health, causing breast discomfort.

The staggering numbers about "breast": 1, 2 million women worldwide suffer from breast disease each year; 2) 500,000 women die every year from breast cancer; 3 every 26 seconds a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer; 4, almost every 1 minute a woman dies of breast cancer; 5, the youngest clinical findings of patients only 3 years old.

According to incomplete statistics, about 50% of women in our country have varying degrees of breast disease, of which about 200,000 women suffer from breast cancer each year and more than 40,000 women die. Its mortality rate has rapidly increased by 3% per year, making it the fastest-growing cancer in China in the past 10 years.

Chen Xiaoxu: A Dream of Red Mansions Lin Daiyu Chen Xiaoxu died of breast cancer, gave us a wake-up call.

Ye Fan: "Encounter you are my fate" singer, died of breast cancer, at the age of 38 years.

Tsai Chin: 94 years of right breast surgery, Wang Mingquan: suffering from thyroid cancer, Ye Liyi: "Shanghai Beach" singer, line right breast full cut

Because of this high incidence and common, so only nine women nine breast hyperplasia

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