What is the effect of tea crystal?

Tea crystal is a very good amulet, because tea crystal can absorb the negative energy of the human body, especially the turbidity and illness, which can enhance the wearer's own magnetic field, so that the bad magnetic field around the wearer is not Being able to get close to the wearer, if the tea crystal bracelet is worn on the left hand, it can filter out the outside air and disease.

Since tea crystal mainly develops the sea bottom wheel, it has a significant enhancement effect on male sexual function. It can strengthen the vitality and immunity of the body, and contribute to the abdominal sexual organs. People with insufficient sexual function and genital organs can use the magnetic field of this crystal to strengthen the role to slow down youth aging.

Boost Insoles

The weight of this sport insole is so light that you can hardly feel the weight increase if you put it in the shoe.

This PU sports insole is very soft. It feels good and has better elasticity.

This PU sports insole is designed with u-cup support for protection and anti-slip design at the bottom. Elastic gasket design at the bottom of the heel can better protect the foot during exercise.

Using the insole properly will not only comfort your feet but also extend the life of your insole. A clean insole will provide a better experience, so remove the insole before you go to bed at night and leave it in a well-ventilated area. Use it again the next day to get rid of odors and keep it dry.

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