From the most intimate underwear to be a "changing" woman

Woman and bra, bra is a woman intimate partner, whether you are delicate, innocent, simple or charming, unrestrained, sexy inseparable from the personal care of the bra, the modern woman in terms of bra, not only has the simple function of adjusting the chest , Or a symbol of the quality of life and emotional appeals of a person, to be a bold change, from the most personal "She" to start it.


Figure: Bess Filgrad underwear

Gather Toto 3/4 on the thin under the perfect cup-shaped design, the maximum fit breast, as if both hands gently support, memory steel ring powerful collects milk, heighten folder bent to avoid pressure on the breast clothes, at the same time Effectively prevent small furs and breast fat outflow, so that the body shape curve more perfect presentation.

从最贴身内衣开始 做个“心机多变”女人

Figure: Bess Filgrad underwear

Narrow the heart of the chicken bit distance, so that close to the zero distance between the breasts, so that the moment the chest "pretty" together, more gathers, one step to lock the sexy bit, with the stretch under the elastic ratio, not only can not be stable and not shift, People worry Le marks, the ultimate temptation to reproduce the temperament.

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