Silk home textile washing method

Silk home textile washing method

Washing precautions
1. After staining, please wash it as soon as possible and wash it by hand. Can not be washed with a washing machine.
2. At normal water temperature, please wash with professional detergent.
3, different colors of silk home textiles should be washed separately to avoid staining each other. The time of soaking and rinsing should not be too long. The general soaking time is about three minutes.
4. Do not rub, brush, twist or screw during the washing process. You can't use a washing machine to dry.
Detergent selection
Since silk is a protein fiber and contains a variety of amino acids, any alkaline detergent (especially washing powder, soap, etc.) will damage the color, texture and texture of the silk fabric, thus losing the health care function of the silk fabric and shortening its use. life. Therefore, neutral or weakly acidic detergents (such as silk detergent, shampoo, shower gel, etc.) should be used.
Washing procedure
1. According to the ratio indicated in the detergent instructions, add an appropriate amount of detergent in the clear water at room temperature and mix well.
2. After immersing the silk fabric for 3 minutes, gently scrub it, gently lift it and shake it in the water. Rinse with water at room temperature for 2-3 times, the amount of water should be too much. During the rinsing process, it should not be twisted or twisted. It should be dragged and swayed back and forth in the water. When changing the water, gently press the silk fabric with both hands to squeeze out some water.
3. Drip some detergent in the place where the focus is dirty, and wash it on the reverse side by taking a shot and squeezing.
4. After the rinsing is completed, it can't be wrung out hard, and it can't be dried by the washing machine. It should be finished with the opposite side facing the air and let it dry naturally.
5, dry process should be dry, not exposed to sunlight, otherwise it will cause silk fabric fading and texture damage.

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