How to choose the right choice for jade

Jade is being accepted by more people. The choice of jade is also becoming more and more diverse. How do you choose the jade that suits you? Let me analyze it for you:

Diversification of jade selection How to choose the right one for you

The color of jade is the most abundant of jade varieties, so it has achieved the status of jade and jade. Emerald colors are monochromatic red, green, blue, cyan, white, purple, brown, gray, black, etc.; and different monochromatic colors have different shades and mixed colors; or on the same jade jade, there are different concentrations The color, focus on different color shapes. This article focuses on purple and white in the jade color.

The purple of the emerald is characterized by mystery and inspiration. Whether it is purple or purple, it should not be deep and thick. Appropriate desalination is the most beautiful and elegant, and its beautiful color makes people feel very cute and intoxicated.

Purple emerald symbolizes nobleness and wealth. The dark purple emerald is more suitable for mature middle-aged women, while the light purple emerald is the most suitable for young girls or young women. For women, the implication of purple jade is to imply loyalty, show fraternity and virginity.

The white color of jade, from oily white milk to translucent water white, with various layers and rich tendencies, is a common basic color in jade. From the perspective of color, white is a corresponding color, full of endless possibilities, giving a sacred and illusory feeling, especially when it is with black, it is very abstract, exceeding the depth of any color, the match between the two Very eye-catching, black and white, contrast contrast is very strong. The white of the emerald matches the green emerald color. It is also the best contrast, green and white, and it is particularly eye-catching. White is best for innocent and lovely children, and it can perfectly perform the pure and lively nature of children. Also suitable for young people to show youth purity. The combination of white, the most unsuitable blue gray, gray and light pink, the contrast effect is lonely and silent, even sad.

For the choice of jade color, the most important thing is to choose the color you like. Different people have different feelings and verifications, imagination and cultural cultivation. When pairing, avoid the unsuitable match, even if it is imitation, it should be based on itself. Their own characteristics to match. There is no fixed pattern in the current aesthetics, and each has its own preferences. However, if it is excessively unconventional, it will be separated from the aesthetic habits of modern culture.

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