Is the girl in striped clothes thin in winter?

Lean way to wear there are many, and wearing striped clothing is the easiest way, many people are confused about wearing horizontal stripes were thin or vertical stripes were thin, the answer is very simple, of course, horizontal stripes were thin Luo. This is the magic of visual effects, confusing the normal perception of vision with the distribution of colors to achieve a sensory illusion. The original not desperate to lose weight, a striped dress can easily make you thin. What are you waiting for, striped clothes to wear quickly.


A few pieces of black and white gray stripes stitching is the most common color with this dress jacket design allows this dress with a multi-functional display, such as windbreaker, like a dress, but also want long section of the Korean coat . Striped design with the belt with a significant effect, no words, black stockings bottoming, slender footsteps lines make you a thin in the end.


Korean version of the clothes pay attention to the combination between a single product and the color on the match between the several single product has its own unique place to their strengths show the best side. Faux fur fabric and woolen fabric stitching cotton stitching knit sweater, black tights with high-heeled boots, a variety of single product combinations wear out their own style, wear out their confidence.

Photo Source: According to the step up of women's clothing

Tattoo Choker is one handmade weaved stretch Necklace. Tattoo choker is loved by 90s young people as it is Light, Elastic and delicate. when we wear it, it looks like tattoo, so it called tattoo choker. Of course, we also produce other match products, like tattoo Bracelet and tattoo ring to meet tattoo choker set. Tattoo choker also has many different colors, you can pick color to wear, also you can wear multi colors on once.
At present, the tattoo choker include many designs, like pendant tattoo choker, daisy tattoo choker, crystal tattoo choker, letters tattoo choker, beads tattoo choker etc.. Also there are many tattoo stickers make to tattoo choker.

Tattoo Choker

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