Five characteristics of modern underwear

From the birth of the world's first underwear, after thousands of years of development, underwear is not only more and more women's attention, its characteristics have undergone enormous changes. Broadly speaking, the prevalence of modern underwear can be divided into the following key points.


One of the popular features - skin-friendly material

Material on the table cloth, gorgeous style led a large number of lace and embroidery use, such as Beauty Expert, will be a variety of embroidery lace material made of elastic underwear reflects the sexy feminine beauty.

In the research and development of new technology materials, there is more in line with the human body aesthetics material debut, not only good ductility, and skin feel soft, more importantly, its perspiration and wash fast dry characteristics.

Two popular features - shoulder strap revolution

Driven by the underwear Waichuan, "interchangeable shoulder strap", "hidden series" is the latest trend, such as Wacoal launched a new series of changeable shoulder strap on the shoulder strap to make a change, with the cloth The same jacquard, glossy crepe shoulder straps make underwear part of the garment. Mainly with the personal coat, let you curve out without the apparent embarrassment of the steel ring and shoulder strap; As for the part of the line, the previous V-shaped lines have been replaced by more U-shaped lines to replace Chest shape more rounded full.

Three popular features - the color in power

According to the different seasons, fashion designers began to make fashion more colorful. And has always been flesh-colored, pink as the mainstream underwear world, but also unwillingly played a lively color signs. Bright and lovely lemon yellow and fresh and modern sky blue just appeared on the underwear, it attracted the attention of young girls, coupled with subtle gentle purple, vibrant apple green, eye-catching orange, these high purity color began Large-scale occupation of almost all brands of the latest. Expected, these in the past can not touch a little wild and lovely color, will set off a new wave of underwear modern young Mountaineer. In addition, in addition to the traditional basic colors of white, black and blue, the new undergarments are more boldly added to the lustrous deep purple to replace the white lotus color, creamy brown, and bright pink even the unique futuristic silver-gray.


Four characteristics of the popular - light exercise

By the impact of sports craze, whether it is the day-wear evening gown or men's womens have joined the movement of the elements, of course, underwear can no exception. Especially the girls who like to exercise at home, sports underwear is naturally essential. Sports underwear curves and body shape can be the perfect combination of comfort, sports bra can be stretched, fitness underwear, apron mini skirt, collarless shirt and so are all emphasize the motor function and temperament style, their consistent features Is the simple lines, simple material, the color is mostly solid color, full of modernity and vitality.

Five of the popular features - complicated flowers and minimalist plain noodles

Floral designs have always been the best underwear decoration, not only it has always given a romantic, but also because it can be varied - with different designs, to show or pure, or classic, or the feeling of thousands of customs. In summer, it is even more radiant, "tricks" renovation. In contrast: anti-decorative plain bra is not infirm, in order to use a variety of high-tech fabrics to get unexpected results.

Lace underwear on the floral patterns more realistic than ever before, flowers, clear branches and leaves, and several different lace flower designs splicing or overlapping design is very stylish. Plain bra than the material, flash, matte, different texture of high-tech fabrics have appeared, however, under the shadow of fashion, plain bra also had to cup decorated with beautiful floral lace! In recent years, the "Happy Color" series inherits the most popular two-color cup in Europe this year. The smooth cup covered with a shiny pearl doffing makes the whole feeling more layered and uses different colors from the top, the same color Different tune with the way. In short, the emergence of fashion sense is a major breakthrough underwear.

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