NEBGIRL casual wear out of personality OL trendy suit

Autumn early, small jacket is the most suitable season with a single product. Black may seem too formal and mature, while a light-colored suit jacket, casual wild more youthful fashion. NEBGIRL next door girl 2013 autumn new products for you to demonstrate a few wild and easy to wear a small light suit, let you wear elegant appearance without personality disguised.


Girl Next Door Fashion Fall 2013 New Arrivals

Black pressure stripe tight dress, with light yellow Slim small suit, graceful curves highlight the charming charming woman, to create a mature and stylish workplace look. Black low-heeled shoes add a formal sense of style, and contrast color decorative Necklace is to enhance the overall effect with.


Girl Next Door Fashion Fall 2013 New Arrivals

Creamy yellow dotted white small fragrance suit, with a small lapel shirt, highlight the fresh lady flavor. Simple and tidy black pencil pants tighten leg type and show your tall body. Orange pointed shallow mouth shoes and shape slightly exaggerated decorative necklace, enhance the overall fashion index.

Protective Face Mask used in medical treatment, laboratory, industrial sector, work, study and daily life, to protect the face, mouth, nose, eyes and neck, can to a certain extent, prevent respiratory tract infection, from or reduce the damage of accidents and occupational hazards factors, such as splashing protects against harmful gases, liquids and metal debris and splashing liquid, metal and high - temperature solvent droplets damage, and provide direct protection of disposable supplies to the human body. Ningbo Younker Protective Face Mask are mainly protective masks, masks, etc. With the development of technology and the emergence of new applications, new products in Ningbo Younker these protective face mask, the design is novel, can cater to tide, produced by using environmental protection material, the development prospect is very considerable, also became a new disposable Protective Face Mask, loved by the masses of customers, believe that Ningbo Younker must be your good choice!


Protective Face Mask:

1.Name: Protective Face Mask

2.Mterial:PP,S,A,PP+PE,SF film, PP Nonwoven + Filter+ PP Nonwoven

3.Color:white,bule,clear or custom colors


5.Style:Elastic earloop/Tie-on

6.Application: medical treatment, laboratory, industrial sector, work, study and daily life

7.Usage:protect eye,face and mouth



10.Delivery time:25 workdays

11.Certificate: CE,FDA,ISO ETC

Protective Face Mask

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