Warmly congratulate Di Li women's clothing store opened in Guangzhou, Sichuan two national day

The arrival of the National Day, our dream has come a small holiday, Di Li Women also ushered in their good news, Guangzhou Haizhu Xinduhui first floor, Sichuan Luzhou Macy's second floor, two stores opened at the same time National Day, and the country Celebration of good luck, National Day traffic, more full.


Di Li Women Luzhou shop in Sichuan Province, the decoration of the shop to cold light decorative lighting, cool colors of light clothing on the bright color even more shows the characteristics of clothing, better to allow customers to see their favorite style clothing window display the latest models , Let you fall in love with the dress.


Di Li Women's Guangzhou Haizhu shop, colorful balloons not only show the atmosphere of the festival, but also to open more attention by the opening of the door during the opening is also very attractive, oh, the door into the clothing has attracted you What? Pure color of the style, fresh and natural.

Di Li Women Merchants Hotline: Luo Health

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