What should I pay attention to when buying a gold necklace?

The women's gold necklace is now a fashion must-have for women. Gold has been the symbolic color of the emperor since ancient times, and its dazzling light always attracts many women. Women wearing gold necklaces will set off a different temperament and elegance. So what should I pay attention to when buying a gold necklace?

First, how to choose gold for women's gold necklace

When buying a women's gold necklace, we must first understand the purchase knowledge of gold; gold is not strange to us, but how to judge the quality of gold? Gold is gold, and the chemical element symbol Au is a precious metal with a soft texture, golden yellow and corrosion resistance. Gold is one of the rarest and most precious metals in metals. Gold jewelry is divided into 24k (more than 99% gold), 22k (91.7% gold), 18k (75% gold), 14k (58.33% gold), 12k (50% gold), etc. When you use a necklace, you can identify it from the following aspects.

First of all, it can be distinguished from the color of gold. As the saying goes, gold is "seven green, eight yellow, nine purple, ten red." Experts believe that the jewellery containing gold is 70% green, and the gold content is yellow. The gold content is yellow and purple, and the gold content is red. Pure gold is soft, generally not used for inlaid jewelry, so the inlaid gold ornaments claim to be 24k, there must be fraud.

Secondly, it can be distinguished from the light weight of gold. The proportion of gold is 19.3 g/cm3. The relationship between coloration and specific gravity is large. When the specific gravity is close to 19.3, the higher the pure gold. When the specific gravity is 18.5, it contains 95% of gold, 17.8% of gold contains 90%, and so on. As long as the specific gravity is measured, the color of the jewelry can be known. But most people can feel a sense of sedimentation.

You can listen to the sound again, the high-quality ladies gold necklace, throwing on the concrete floor will have a dull squeak, sound and no rhyme, no strong, commonly known as "dead". On the contrary, the gold ornaments with low color are thrown on the concrete floor with a rhyme and a long sound, and a little rebound.

Finally, you can also use the soft and hard method (but this method is generally not allowed at the time of purchase). The higher the color of gold jewelry, the softer and less elastic, the real gold bite or needle stroke will have a slight mark. It is not broken when broken by hand, and it will not change color after burning (not very high temperature). The low color and the false one are the opposite.

Second, ladies gold necklace style selection

As a female friend, the ladies' gold necklace is a very popular accessory. It was very popular in ancient times. In modern times, it is a must-have "weapon" for fashion MM, but this does not mean that any MM can wear any style of women's gold. Necklaces need to be matched with the face to get a satisfactory result.

In general, the oval face is basically unrestricted, suitable for ladies gold necklaces of any shape, and they all look good.

A person with a round face should choose a lady's gold necklace with an elongated face. They are more suitable for long necklaces or T-style necklaces. Never choose a thick ladies gold necklace or short necklace. Also don't wear big gems or pearls.

The oval face is more suitable for thick ladies gold necklaces. Because the thick necklace can make the longitudinal length of the elliptical face look shorter. The heart-shaped face is also very nice to wear a thick necklace.

The triangular face is similar to the heart-shaped face, but the edges are more distinct. You can choose a more attractive lady gold necklace or choose a soft gold necklace for women to weaken the edges and corners. Never wear a lady's gold necklace with a sharp tip. This is not good.

Third, ladies gold necklace purchase tips

There are also a lot of skills when buying a women's gold necklace. As you know, wearing a necklace is mainly for the sake of beauty. The necklace of pure gold is heavy. Many people think that young people wear the feeling of nouveau riche. It is recommended that women who are over 40 years old wear it. Younger ladies can choose 18K ladies gold necklace when they choose women's gold necklace, 75% of gold and other precious metals, and can also display different colors, so that your temperament can better set off and show elegant elegance. gas.

In addition to the skill in choosing the gold content, the choice of gold necklace is also a skill to buy. Generally speaking, online shopping is relatively cheap. Everyone knows that online shop to save money in the gold belt rental counter, hiring staff, transportation and other funds, the price must be It is nearly half cheaper than the market, but you must pay attention to the reputation of the online store when choosing an online store. It is best to choose an online store with a physical store. You can also enjoy the quality while enjoying the discount.

Last but not least, many people pay great attention to the brand when they buy. In fact, just choose the style that suits you according to your own style. Although the brand sounds quite good, the brand needs celebrity endorsement and advertising, such as this year. In the month, Chen Huilin endorsed the Golden Supreme Jewelry and so on, but these endorsement fees and advertising fees will be reflected in your purchase, the price will of course be more expensive, but its appreciation value will not change, so if your economy is not Very generous, experts remind everyone not to pursue the brand blindly, to pursue the value and style of gold, wear a ladies gold necklace, it can bring out the temperament and elegance is OK. Her value will be realized.

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