Li Duo Hai endorsement Eighteen Ladies Square interpretation of the 2014 summer fashion trends

September 25, China Shu women leading brands eighteen ladies Square held a grand press conference in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center, formally signed South Korea star Lee Da Hae as Brand Ambassador, opened the brand international journey. In the meantime, from September 25 to 27, the 18th Ladies' Square held the 2014 summer new product launching and ordering meeting in the same period, opening a new chapter in the fashion trend. It is reported that more than thirty national mainstream media, more than a thousand agents nationwide, franchisees, guests participated in the event, feel the eighteen ladies Square 2014 summer new "summer color" summer style.

李多海代言十八淑女坊 演绎2014夏季流行趋势

Sept. 25 at 4 pm, Eighteen Ladies Square signed a Korean superstar Li Duhai press conference attracted more than 30 fashion, entertainment mainstream media full attention, the presence of the media Phoenix TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Guangdong Satellite TV, Guangzhou TV, Phoenix The Tencent, Youku, LeTV, Sina, Netease, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Bazaar, VOGUE, ELLE, Ruili Iraqis fashion, weekends pictorial, the Bund pictorial, Vivian, Mina, cutting-edge, Eighteen ladies Square more than a hundred guests and super "kelp" fans attended the event.

李多海代言十八淑女坊 演绎2014夏季流行趋势

At the meeting, Li Duohai dressed in 18 ladies Square yellow dress grand appearance, she used a fluent Chinese, to say hello to the guests on the scene, about the sense of endorsement. Eighteen Ladies Square, Mr. Ye Guoming, general manager and Li Duhai signed with the contract board, marking the official signing ceremony. After that, the two sides jointly accepted media group visits. Ye always announced to the media the reasons for the signing of the contract and the industry advantages of the 18 Ladies' Square brand. Li Duhai also mentioned the relationship between entertainment and fashion in his reporter's question and expressed his intention in the future Entering China's development will be closer cooperation with the 18 Ladies Square. The most exciting interactive session, the scene guests, "kelp" fans and Lee many sea photo, the atmosphere to the climax.

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